Crystal Palace former chairman: has modified the fax machine time, will obsolete transactions muddled through - Trade, global trading platform
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 The former chairman of the Crystal Palace Club, Simon - Jordan, wrote for the Times, who revealed that he had modified the fax time on the transfer deadline to muddle the deadline. ; No matter how much you have completed the transaction, no matter how much you prepare, the transfer deadline will become 24 hours of confusion, the real benefit from the seller & mdash; imagine you want to buy the last one from the theater to leave the ticket The Those who want to buy a club are forced to spend money for despair and chaos. The club get the transfer fee, the players need to pay, brokers from the pumping into, everything in the seller's grasp. ; In 2006, from the Bolton signed Saatchi - Guji deal to the final stage. I insist on a number that I do not want to give in. But the coach and the fans want him, so the buyer is easy to shake. Finally they gave in, but I had to rush out from a hotel in Marbella, Spain. We have had the midnight deadline, but because I know no one will keep the fax machine in the foot. I changed the time on the fax machine, so it seems that we have completed the registration in time. Post: Liverpool to Chamberlain's weekly salary than Arsenal low 60,000 pounds - Trade, global trading platform
 "Daily Mail" reported that Arsenal midfielder Chamberlain has accepted Liverpool's physical examination, he will join the Red Army 35 million. It is said that Chamberlain's £ 12 million in Anfield's salary is £ 60,000 less than Arsenal's contract to his contract. Clop in the deal cut Hu Chelsea, the Blues has been negotiated with Arsenal before the transfer fee, but also agreed with Chamberlain personal terms. But after the advent of Liverpool, Chamberlain changed the decision. Chelsea was very angry at the previous work. Dejokov: Nemal's help will make the future of Mbapi unlimited - Trade, global trading platform
 The German football star Djokov said recently that Nei Maer's help will make the future of Mbapi become unlimited. ;(Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
 He (Mbapi) was 18 years old, God, he has to join Paris, he is already a regular member of the French national team, in the summer by Real Madrid, Barcelona and England giants club eyeing. He became the central topic of the summer transfer market. After going to Paris, Nei Maer's help will make his future become limitless. Dejokov said.